Physician Connect

We specialize in comprehensive women healthcare approach, we are happy to associate with other physicians to be a part of care for their patients for reasons:


Several physicians rely on our expert opinion in management of complicated gynaecologic issues. This is a common practice among our fellow colleagues who work in a resource constraint healthcare facility. We are being contacted with patient details as “Teleconsultation” and expert opinion is provided to them for managing the patients. We forward our recommendations to their respective offices for their review and they incorporate those suggestions for their patients.

Consultation & Management

Many physicians prefer that we not only evaluate patients but also manage their condition as well. Even if we asked to manage the patients condition, we will keep you informed of any findings and any plans that we have. If surgery is offered to your patient and you would like to be involved, we are typically able to accommodate this and adapt to your schedule.

Second Opinions

We deal with a variety of issues related to gynaecologic – obstetrics health. If your patient is not 100% satisfied with the treatment regimen by another physician, we are happy to provide a second opinion.

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